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NY State Health Department

NY State Health Department Requirements and Violation Consequences.


Entities wishing to conduct flu clinics in New York State must either be licensed as a home care agency (Public Health Law Article 36) or a diagnostic and treatment center (Public Health Law Article 28).  If New York State Department of Health staff identify any organization providing vaccinations without such licensure, it shall issue an order directing the organization to cease and desist such activity.

 All Public Flu Vaccination clinics, Including Corporate Vaccination Programs, must be delivered by a Licensed Home Care Agency according to Public Health Law Article 36.

The New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Home Care and Hospice Surveillance and Quality Indicator/Evaluation has been responsible for the surveillance of flu clinics for some time now, and is familiar with the requirements of conducting safe flu shot clinics that meet the NYSDOH immunization requirements.  Each Regional Office performs "spot checks" -- responding to complaints and other issues; reviewing policies and procedures to ensure appropriate personnel are administering the shots; assuring all appropriate permissions and notices are completed; and confirming records are maintained and credentialing is appropriate.  This is often times done in collaboration with NYSDOH Immunization Program staff.